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Net Promoter Program Basic

NPP Basic is our best-selling package to address all companies who have not yet initiated a customer loyalty program. YNP can bring you this low-priced package because we have done most of the work for you already. By purchasing this package you will receive the benefits of getting close with your customer, within 45-90 days from starting. Click the heading above to read about what NPP Basic is and how to get started today.

Net Promoter Program Premium

Our premium Net Promoter Program that meets all of your customer loyalty requirements. Expanded capabilities to meet all ongoing customer loyalty program requirements, including extensive sample management, full questionnaire, expanded segmentation analysis and action management.

YOUR Net Promoter Program

A fully customized Net Promoter Program designed to specifically meet your unique requirements. Starting with the Net Promoter Premium the program is customized to meet all company and stakeholder requirements.

Annual Net Promoter Program

Our annual Net Promoter Program including two biannual Net Promoter Program survey waves.

Summary of Net Promoter Programs


NPP Basic

NPP Premium


Email communications



2 reminders



Up to 3 reminders



Up to 10

Up to 25


Survey period

3 weeks

Up to 4 weeks


Analysis segments

Up to 6

Up to 12



10 charts

25 charts


Online reporting access

3 months

6 months



Up to 3 unique terms

Up to 10 unique terms


YNP Consulting Services

Customer experience audit

Some organizations require an audit focused on their customer experience and related processes to determine how best to proceed with designing a world-class net promoter program. This audit will review all current customer loyalty efforts and a thorough review of all customer touchpoints and account management responsibilities.

Customer loyalty benchmarking

After establishing your Net Promoter Score (NPS) one of the key next steps that you'll want to do is to determine how your NPS compares to your industry. Competitive benchmarking is a key component of a holistic customer loyalty program. This will help in determining the right actions that are necessary to world-class status. The best benchmarks are industry specific and are the first choice but are not always possible based on your industry. When a industry specific benchmark is not available custom benchmarking can be designed and performed.

Performance dashboards

You quickly learn that the business axiom "You can only improve what you measure" is true. Your NPS must be included as a key metric that you closely monitor in addition to financial metrics, manufacturing metrics and other performance metrics. This is the only way that an organization will be able to improve their NPS and ultimately to drive business performance through customer loyalty.

Executive workshops

  • Customer Loyalty Governance
  • Leveraging Net Promoter for Growth
  • More

Employee training programs

  • Net Promoter Overview
  • Understanding Your Results
  • Customer Follow Up and Opportunity Identification.
  • Custom training

And more, just ask us.

We can assist with other loyalty and business process change initiatives.


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