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Net Promoter Program ROI


  • Easy
    • To explain
    • To understand
    • To calculate
    • To communicate
    • To benchmark
    • To build a corporate culture based on NPS

  • Actionable
    • Results are Actionable
    • Straight-forward to determine what impacts NPS

  • Ties to Business Performance
    • Correlates Directly with Performance
    • Impact of increased Promoters can be calculated
    • Impact of decreased Detracters can be calculated

  • Used for customer loyalty metric reporting
    • For internal purposes
    • For Board of Director Purposes
    • Customer purposes
    • Financial reporting compliance

Note: Above illustration is an example and representative of potential impact

This example illustrates the impact on revenue growth of increasing percentage of promoters and decreasing the percentage of detractors. Example assumes the following revenue growth rates for each group:

Growth Rate
Promoter 12%
Passive 2%
Detractor -6%

Assuming above revenue growth rates means increasing NPS, by increasing number of promoters and decreasing number of detractors will result in the following average revenue growth rate improvements.

Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
NPS 20 30 40
Avg Rev Growth 5.4% 6.7% 8.1%

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