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Big 5 Management Consulting Firm

Challenge: Customer experience program was not automated requiring significant resources to support making it costly to administer and not timely. Program could not be expanded globally due to unmanageable nature of solution.
Solution: Implement automated system to reduce costs, time and support requirements. Automated solution improved flexibility, timeliness, and cost structure.
Results: Program gained support of partners as a result of insights and new opportunities that were identified in a timely way. Credibility and trustworthiness of solution and results led partners to support program for usage as executive compensation component as well as for global adoption.

Financial Services Company

Challenge: Pilot a customer loyalty survey that delivers new insights to support ongoing program.
Solution: Ran survey pilot wave gathering feedback from customer base via phone surveys.
Results: Pilot led to new customer segment based insights and provided financial ROI justification for ongoing customer loyalty program.

Technology Services Company

Challenge: Design new customer experience program that would be supported by management for organization that already has strong customer service culture.
Solution: Implemented automated solution that provided the flexibility and capabilities to the organization that has high demands for customer focused solutions.
Results: Net Promoter Score became critical component of customer scorecard and solution supported account team specific requirements enabling increased capabilities and insights per customer. Established a baseline NPS that validated existing notions of customer centric organization and could be used for basis of ongoing program. Program was so successful that NPS was adopted as standard for external corporate reporting.


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