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The YNP Methodology - AMAzInG

Our Net Promoter Program (NPP) is based on the leading customer loyalty metric, the Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on one simple question - "Will you recommend our company or service to a friend or Colleague?"

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Our AMAzInG methodology focuses on the customer (what else is there!) and starts with a collaborative plan (Aim), listens to the customer (Measure feedback), analyzes and presents the results and determines appropriate actions (AnalyZe), to improve the customer experience by communicating, internally and externally, and taking action by leading through innovation (Innovate), all leading to top line growth and improved business performance. This is all accomplished by starting off listening to your customer and doing what they say (mostly)!

The following phases and steps are taken in a three month period to accomplish improvements within six months. Feedback is gathered within 30 days, results available within 60 days, and results starting within 90 days.


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