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Net Promoter Program Basic

The single most valuable and important question to ask your customers is - "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or a colleague?" The recommend question has been proven to be the single most valuable question to ask your customers that will lead to your greatest market growth. Not only is it most indicative of your financial performance but it best gets at your customer's loyalty to you and your brand. Recommending someone to your company is the most revealing about your customer's loyalty as they are then putting their reputation at stake as well.

Our Net Promoter Program (NPP) is a client loyalty program that enables any business to get direct and immediate feedback from any or all of its customers. This feedback will in the short term enable you to find opportunities to new business opportunities and improve customer satisfaction. If used on an ongoing and programmatic basis, in the long term this feedback will enable you to improve customer loyalty and create more promoters, make the right strategic investments to improve your company, and ultimately to grow your company and improve your financial performance. At a minimum you will get valuable and timely customer feedback from which you can get keen insights.

What you get with the NPP:

  • An introductory program email communication to all customers
  • Customers are taking the survey within 30 days from contract signing
  • The survey period is three weeks and includes an email survey invitation and email survey reminders each week to all non-respondents
  • A Net Promoter based questionnaire with up to ten questions including the recommend question, functional questions, and open-ended questions
  • A report providing the results analysis and recommendations
  • A formal presentation to discuss the results, recommendations and next steps

The recommended ongoing customer loyalty program involves a biannual online survey of all of your customers. The goal is to do a census of all of your customers, initially starting with a segment of customers or surveying all of them from the start.

An overview of the NPP process is as follows:

  • We work with you to develop program goals and objectives and lay out the plan
  • We jointly design and review the questionnaire and email communications
    • The questionnaire will include both quantitative (numeric) and qualitative (free text) questions
    • The survey is customized with any specific terms and can include custom questions
  • An pre-notification email is sent, one week prior to survey invitation, to inform customers about the survey program, your objectives and to drive response rates
  • An email invitation is sent to all potential respondents that includes a link to the survey
  • Email reminders are sent to all non-respondents each week
  • The survey is open for three weeks for customers to provide feedback
  • Real time results are available online throughout the survey period and afterwards
  • Weekly status updates are delivered during the survey period
  • A detailed Results Analysis presentation and recommendations are prepared after each wave and reviewed in person to discuss next step


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