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The YNP Team

The YNP founders recognized the opportunity to bring best-in-class business practices to the mid-sized market. Net Promoter is the best customer loyalty process available today and is used by some of the world's largest and best known corporations including GE, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, American Express, and many others. Compared to other customer loyalty programs available on the market today, NP is the most effective and lowest cost solution to improve your customer experience and accessing your customer base to promote sales. NP has been statistically proven to best correlate to financial performance and creates the highest returns on your investment, time and other resources.

Adam Madlin

Adam is a customer loyalty expert specializing in customer experience and innovation. He is a world's leading Net Promoter expert, certified in the Net Promoter Discipline, and has consulted to GE, Verizon, RIM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alcatel-Lucent, Lenovo, Pitney Bowes, Sodexo, CareerBuilder, Rackspace, WashingtonPost, IAC and others on their customer loyalty programs. Adam has worked in customer loyalty, market research, Internet, enterprise software, IT, and the services industries. He has experience consulting and providing services to the technology, Internet, consumer, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, telecommunications, media, industrial, and professional services industries. Throughout his extensive career he has worked with many Fortune 100 companies advising them and implementing enterprise software systems on a global basis including international assignments.

Peter Gregory

Peter has been guiding CEO's, Presidents and Business Owners in breakthrough acceleration advantages for 25 years. To his numerous venture business-leader clients, he seeks out and guides them on adopting Best-Practices to revolutionize the way business is done. Net Promoter Score NPS has emerged as the leading factor in creating business breakthroughs and he is excited to bring its principles and valuable outcomes to businesses in diverse business segments. Peter has executed customer satisfaction surveys across high tech industries, coupling this information with other Voice of the Customer to create great wealth for his clients.


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